Get your nails out, the VFX industry is tough

Found this one-eyed beast behind my apartment and took this photo of him before having someone come pick up the whole litter.  One of my favorites from my personal collection, although now it’s not part of that collection anymore.  Makes me think of how someone always has it worse but is still fighting.

The growth of the visual effects industry has been difficult for some while it has opened up a lot of opportunities in markets that weren’t there before.  Now it’s common for there to be a vfx budget in commercials and promotional videos.  So in a time that film making is more accessible to everyone, it leaves a lot of talented directors frustrated when they learn how much goes into vfx.  It can price them out of starting their project or stuck in post without being able to fix something that went wrong in production.

As an independent filmmaker with a tight budget, you may be able to convince a production company to take on your film as a passion project.  I freelance for a few companies that will occasional accept these projects and I usually get a call when they do.  That’s because most production companies aren’t equipped with staff to handle the technical knowledge needed to complete these projects.

There are other options out there that might require you to get creative or expand your team.  Or you can find a small post house that focuses on this niche market and has the experience to handle your project, on time, on budget.

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